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L’s Hello Kitty Haul + Review + FOTD <3 March 2, 2009

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Greetings AngryAsianGirls! Well, it’s been awhile since i’ve updated this blog so I figured that it’s about time I post on here! Jumping aboard the M.A.C. hello kitty bandwagon I’ve decided to also do a post on my mini-haul. The funny thing is, I ended up purchasing a few of the same items as EN and JAY did. Similar tastes, much? Haha. But anyhoo.. after receiving my paycheck this week I picked up a few items from the collection. A couple of them my mommy bought for me after all the whining about this collection. She also bought alot from the collection for herself which I have no idea where she keeps so I wasn’t able to take pictures of them. Ah well. Well on to the haul!

What did I get!?!



N’s Mini MAC Hello Kitty Haul+Review March 1, 2009

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OMG. We finally updated! The blog is still alive after all.

I’ve always been a Hello Kitty fan so I was really looking forward to this collaboration. At first I was quite disappointed with the packaging. I imagined it to be more cute-sy and girly with pinks, ribbons and pastels… you know all that typical girly hello kitty stuff. I was quite surprised of how vibrant the colors are for the eyeshadows and blushes! However, I got over all that now. I actually like it a lot now. :) I don’t want to regret not buying anything from this collection like when I missed the Fafi collection. I still find the advertisement disturbing, though. -__-;; It feels as if my sweet, innocent childhood memories of Hello Kitty has been tainted! Haha.

Anyhoos, without further a-doo, here’s my mini haul:

I was really going to get the brush set but I’ve heard bad reviews on it. Since I already have the 187 already and I don’t think I really need the other brushes, I decided to just forget about it. I just wanted the holder anyway and I don’t want to pay $60 bucks for a cup! I think I’ll go find a cheaper and cuter cup instead!  Haha. So, I decided to just pick up the lip products since they look more wearable. The quads are way too vibrant for me! o_O;; The one thing that the lip products have in common is that they all have this vanilla scent and taste. I’m not a very big fan of vanilla but I guess I don’t mind it.



J’s February Haul!!! February 24, 2009

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Well, it’s been a while since I last updated this, and I apologize so please don’t kill meeeeeeee! Naww I’m just kidding you wouldn’t do such thing. Lately i bought a few new things online, and iI decided I wasn’t to share

with you all what I have recently purchased.

From the site:

I found that they have great deals on eye shadows and many other products for a low price and brands that we can trust. I haven’t tried everything but I did try the NYX eye shadows and it works great. Very pigmented.  I only bought 2 shades though, its comparable to M.A.C eye shadows. I apologize for the colors of the pictures the lighting was very bad T-T

Highlight                                                           Walnut Bronze

I love the walnut bronze, it is very pigmented.  There are many other colors , feel free to browse the site, it won’t do you any harm, and you might just find what you’re looking for. It also came with a lip gloss, the lip gloss wasn’t anything special but who doesn’t love free things.

From the site:

I purchased from this site the day after I purchased from cherry culture, and I decided to try their 3 in 1 cream and their make-up manga book , originally I wanted to try their mascara but it was out of stock :'(. I love there Make-up manga book, I think its really worth it. It comes with 5 eye shadows, 1 cream blush, concealer, and 3 lip glosses. Some people said the shadows weren’t pigmented enough, but to me they were. Shipping is free for eyeko and you could probably find codes online for deals or free items as well.

I chose the make out girl manga book. You can browse the site for the colors and check out the other 2 manga books. It’s very handy when your on the go, since it has the shadows, concealer, blush, and glosses, it even comes with I mini brush for application, but nothing to special, but good enough for on the go.

The 3 in 1 cream was just alright for me, handy that it’s a 3 in 1, but it is extremely sparkly. Just don’t use to much at a time, or you will look like edward cullen under the sun. What i decided to do was to mix a bit of my moisturizer with the 3 in 1 cream so that it won’t have the diamond skin effect.

Thats all for today, I’m awaiting the arrival for my everydayminerals sample, which should be coming in another week or so, can’t wait for that! Hope you all enjoy, maybe when my everyday minerals come I’ll post that to… Just maybe though ;D  TaaTaa!!!


N’s Bake Day: Cream Puffs January 18, 2009

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That’s right! I made cream puffs today. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still on my diet. I guess I underestimated my will-power. Can you believe I didn’t eat even one?  I actually made it for my nieces. Even though I wasn’t able to try the cream puffs,  my nieces and my mom said it was good. They seriously just had to rub it in my face how delicious they were.  But it’s okay, it doesn’t  bother me at all. Sorry angryasiangirls if I failed to make some for you guys. I promise to make it again when I’m done with my diet. That way,  we can all eat together! Haha. So for now, I hope the pictures are enough. -__-9″



L’s Toonie Tuesday !! January 16, 2009

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First off, I apologize for the lateness of this post!!!!! GOMEN NASAII! I thought that it would be very difficult to purchase something that was exactly $2.00 and not a cent over or under until I realized .. I buy something for exactly $2 everytime I work! GAAAH I feel so stuuuupid! Well you’re all probably curious as to what it could be so here goes ..


It’s my beloved ARIZONA GREEN TEA!