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SURVEY SATURDAAAY ! January 4, 2009

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The angryasiangirls filled out a survey so you can get to know more about them!


– Available: I would have to check my schedule
– Age: To old
– Annoyance: Over used complaints
– Animal: Puppies!!!
– Actor: Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong
– Actress: Charmaine Seh, Myolie Wu

– Beer: Is GrOoOoOoOss
– Birthday/Birthplace: 06/25/88, a very very cold place
– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes, arms
– Best feeling in the world: Winning a million dollars!
– Blind or Deaf: Neither
– Best weather: sunny, with a nice breeze, can’t be humid
– Been bitched out?: lost count
– Been on stage?: yes, in my younger days
– Believe in yourself?: depends on the situation
– Believe in life on other planets: Of course, that’s what Sailor moon taught me
– Believe in miracles: miracles, no but wishful thinking yes
– Believe in Magic: LIES I SAY… LIIIIES!
– Believe in God: Sure??
– Believe in Satan: sure??
– Believe in Santa: Of course, he ate my cookies
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: I must see it to believe
– Believe in Evolution: Of course

– Car: Nope
– Candy: Any kind
– Colour: Black, white, pink, orange
– Cried in school: yes
– Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate
– Cake or pie: cake
– Country to visit: Japan, China, and Korea
-Clothing Style: anything that’s comfortable
-Characteristics: Apparently creepishly friendly

– Day or Night: Night
– Dream vehicle: anything that moves
– Danced: Yes
– Dance in the rain?: nope

– Eggs: scrambled, please
– Eyes: Brown
– Everyone has a(n): Hair
– Ever failed a class? yes, I’m sad to say

– First crush: Don’t remember
– Full name: Wouldn’t you like to know!
– First thoughts waking up: sleep more
– Food: as long as it’s edible

– Greatest Fear: Not knowing
– Giver or taker: Neither, I’m selfish like that
– Goals: to figure out what I want to do
– Gum: berry flavoured
– Get along with your parents?: sure…
– Good luck charm: I don’t need one
– Guys/Girls: herms

– Hair Color: Brown
– Height: 5’6
– Happy: depends on my situation
– Holiday: I love them all!
– How do you want to die: peacefully
– Health freak?: not at all
– Hate: bugs

– Ice Cream: anything thats sweet
– Instrument: piano, and violin

– Jewelry: nothing shiny
– Job: does slacking count?

– Kids: are so cute!!!
– Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing
– Keep a journal?: Yes I did

– Longest Car Ride: Going to the states
– Love: JAEJOONG! mangas, food, sweets, anything cute
– Letter: Yes to the ANGRYASIANGIRLS
– Laughed so hard you cried: yes
– Love at first sight: I don’t believe in that

– Milk flavor: chocolate
– Movie: she’s the man, a moment to remember, sad movie
– Mooned anyone?: neva
– Marriage: possibly
– Motion sickness?: during cloverfield
– McD’s or BK: It makes me sick

– Number of Siblings: 3
– Number of Piercings: 4
– Number: I don’t have a phone

– Overused Phrases: That’s so MEAN!
– One wish: to be happy
– One phobia: spiders

– Place you’d like to live: A place with perfect weather
– Perfect Pizza: pepperoni and mushroom
– Pepsi/Coke: coke

– Quail: Nope, never owned a bird
– Questionaires: doing one at the moment

– Reason to cry: there are to many reasons to cry
– Reality T.V.: a shot a love, ANTM
– Radio Station: HOT 103
– Roll your tongue in a circle? not my specialty

– Song: bolero – dbsk
– Salad Dressing: depends on the salad
– Sushi: Is sOoOoOo good
– Slept outside: Never!
– Seen a dead body? I’ve buried quite a few
– Shower daily? Of course
– Sing well?: Nope!
– Stuffed Animals?: To many to count
– Strawberries/Blueberries: STRAWBERRIES
– Scientists need to invent: A spaceship, and i don’t mean a rocket

– Time for bed: anytime, I have no CURFEW
– Thunderstorms: make me sleep better
– TV: GOSSIP GIRL, OC, friends, simpsons, family guy, futurama
– Touch your tongue to your nose: Not possible

– Unpredictable: Life

– Vegetable you hate: celery
– Vegetable you love: mushrooms
– Vacation spot: japan

– Weakness: to many
– When you grow up: I wish I knew to…
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: That’s not possible, I’m to normal muahahaha
– Who makes you laugh the most: angryasiangirls + mascots
– Worst feeling: drowning
– Wanted to be a model?: no
– Where do we go when we die: depends on it I’ve been bad or good
– Worst weather: blizzard, with golf ball hail

-X-Rays: all the time

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: yellow snow?? That’s GROSSS!

– Zoo animal: TIGERS! red pandas!!
– Zodiac sign: Cancer

seen you cry? My mommy
Went to the movies with you? the usuals
You went to the mall with? the usuals
You went to dinner with? the usuals
You talked to on the phone? nyquil


– Available: for what?
– Age: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
– Annoyance: wet toilet seats, being poked, being poked while sitting on a wet toilet seat.
– Animal: Mr.H
– Actor: n/a
– Actress: n/a

– Beer: is ever siiiick.
– Birthday/Birthplace: march 13/08 – wpg
– Body Part on opposite sex: eyes, smile, arms, boobies,
– Best feeling in the world: ORGASMS
– Blind or Deaf: deaf?
– Best weather: fall
– Been bitched out?: everyday!
– Been on stage?: yessir
– Believe in yourself?: ..sometimes. -__-”
– Believe in life on other planets: noope.
– Believe in miracles: mhmm
– Believe in Magic: nope
– Believe in God: yes
– Believe in Satan: ..yeah
– Believe in Santa: nopee
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: depends on my mood! lol.
– Believe in Evolution: yeah

– Car: akichan (does that count!?)
– Candy: anhneeeee
– Colour: black, grey .. pink!?
– Cried in school: never
– Chocolate/Vanilla: both
– Cake or pie: cake!
– Country to visit: JAPAAN MAN.
-Clothing Style: depends on my mood .. but too fat to care right now. -__-
-Characteristics: kind, caring, warm, tender & juicy.

– Day or Night: night
– Dream vehicle: uhm.. whatever suki’s car was in fast & furious. haha.
– Danced: whenever i’m bored.
– Dance in the rain?: nope or i would get sick and die.

– Eggs: are yummy!
– Eyes: light brown
– Everyone has a(n): reproductive organ
– Ever failed a class? precal. -__-”

– First crush: i think it was my neighbour.. or tuxedo mask? haha.
– Full name: alyssa grace limon the first
– First thoughts waking up: 5 more minutes…
– Food: is good for yoou!

– Greatest Fear: MOTHS AND KINKY WORMS,  not growing up accomplished,  death.. but not my own…
– Giver or taker: depends
– Goals: to be filthy stinkin rich and live in a huge house with a white picket fence with three perfect children and a golden retriever puppy that stays a puppy forever.
– Gum: doesn’t matter
– Get along with your parents?: sometimes.. depends if i’m being a good boy or a bad boy!
– Good luck charm: don’t have one.
– Guys/Girls: gir’s ruuule and boy’s DROOL!

– Hair Color: black
– Height: 5’4
– Happy: i try to be..
– How do you want to die:  in the arms of the one while sinking into the deep cold ocean screaming “come baaack! come baaack!”
– Health freak?: harharhar ..
– Hate: you!

– Ice Cream: SUPERKID .. *ahem* i mean anything from baskins of course! ngehehe.
– Instrument: recorder?

– Jewelry: necklaces? .. though i RARELY wear jewelry.
– Job: exotic dancer

– Kids: give me yours?
– Kickboxing or karate: neither
– Keep a journal?:  i used to but got to lazy to write.. and besides, my writing skills have seriously declined through the years. -__-

– Longest Car Ride: road trip to minneaps
– Love: makes the world go round!
– Letter: A
– Laughed so hard you cried: oh gosh.. all the time!
– Love at first sight:  infatuation at first sight and lust at first sight but definitely no such thing as love as first sight. yeah i’m cynical like that.

– Milk flavor: strawbery soy milk! or vanilla soy milk!
– Movie: uhm.. romance comedy or bittersweet drama’s
– Mooned anyone?: all the time!
– Marriage: when i’m 25 or over and [mentally] stable enough for it.
– Motion sickness?:car sickness?
– McD’s or BK: both are so deliccioous but make me ever soo sick!

– Number of Siblings: 2.5
– Number of Piercings: 2?
– Number:  3.14159265

– Overused Phrases: “oh my goodness”, “like”, “shaddup”, “yeeeaaah”, “oh..kaaaay”…
– One wish: for more wishes?

– Place you’d like to live: tokyo.. though i would be lost in translation forever.  either that or disney land ..
– Perfect Pizza: pepperoni and mushroom with extra cheese!
– Pepsi/Coke: ewww

– Quail: i like their eggs?
– Questionaires: what i’m RE-DOING. -__-;;

– Reason to cry: when something hurts so bad that it feels like my heart is literally breaking .. that or watching sad movies! or getting fatter! .. or being broke?
– Reality T.V.: so you think you can dance, america’s best dance crew, american’s next top model .. though i haven’t watched any of those in a long time!
– Radio Station: hot103?
– Roll your tongue in a circle? i think so?

– Song: currently – lalalalalala
– Salad Dressing: raunchy sauce?
– Sushi: WHERE!?
– Slept outside: in a cardboard box.
– Seen a dead body? yes
– Shower daily? does bathing in hand sanitizer count?
– Sing well?: beautifully!
– Stuffed Animals?:  the only one i have in my room!
– Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries!
– Scientists need to invent:  trees that grow money!

– Time for bed: whenever i pass out ..
– Thunderstorms:  AHH!
– Touch your tongue to your nose: it’s not long enough .. *that’s what she said!*

– Unpredictable: life

– Vegetable you hate: bitter melon.. does that count?
– Vegetable you love: CORN .. or carrots dipped in raunchy sauce!
– Vacation spot: tokyo! MY DREAM VACATION!!

– Weakness: saying no, physical pain, sweet talkers *gag*, being who are uberly nice that you can’t believe are actually that nice, being seduced..
– When you grow up: i wanna be famous, i wanna be a star, i wanna have boobies..
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: none.  i’m SPECIAL!
– Who makes you laugh the most: angryasiangirls + MR.H
– Worst feeling: when you reaaallly have to take a shit so badly only to realize that the washroom is OCCUPIED!
– Wanted to be a model?:  nope.. not pretty or skinny enough!
– Where do we go when we die: depends if you’ve been a good boy or a bad boy!
– Worst weather: blizzards!

-X-Rays: never.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow:  i like it.. makes me feel bright like sunshine and pee!

– Zoo animal: PANDA BEARS!!!!!!!! <3
– Zodiac sign: feces ..

seen you cry? n/a
Went to the movies with you? angryasiangirls + MR.H + JR
You went to the mall with? MR.H i believe?
You went to dinner with? angryasiangirls most likely
You talked to on the phone? J i believe?


– Available: sorry, im not in service. try again later.
– Age: 17. for how long? a while…
– Annoyance:  being poked while calling out my name at the same time!
– Animal: COWS!
– Actor: Brad Pitt, Miura Haruma, Kwon Sang Woo
– Actress: i can’t think of one right now
– Beer: no thanks.
– Birthday/Birthplace: september 29, a place where it never snowed.
– Body Part on opposite sex: smiling eyes, sexy lips, long legs, toned arms, collar bones.
– Best feeling in the world: when i take a shit especially when i’m not constipated.
– Blind or Deaf: i’d rather be deaf.
– Best weather: when it’s sunny and raining at the same time.
– Been bitched out?: yes, for something i didn’t do. >:
– Been on stage?: when i was young and had no shame.
– Believe in yourself?: i do cause no one else would. :(
– Believe in life on other planets: no, not really.
– Believe in miracles: nope.
– Believe in Magic: magic is just an illusion.
– Believe in God: yes.
– Believe in Satan: yes.
– Believe in Santa: never.
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: no but i still get paranoid sometimes.
– Believe in Evolution: like pokemon evolving? then yes.
– Car:  i don’t drive. i hitch-hike.
– Candy: strawberry candy canes, gummy yogurts, lollipops.
– Colour: white, red, black.
– Cried in school: probably when i was a kid.
– Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla.
– Cake or pie: cake.
– Country to visit: japan, france, korea.
-Clothing Style: whatever i feel like wearing.
-Characteristics: tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from ipanema…
– Day or Night: night.
– Dream vehicle: yellow punch buggy convertible or mini cooper.
– Danced: only when i’m drunk.
– Dance in the rain?: i don’t like getting soaked. maybe with an umbrella, i would.
– Eggs: sunny side up.
– Eyes: dark brown, sometimes grey, or blue depending on the floresence.
– Everyone has a(n): secret.
– Ever failed a class?: i’m proud to say i have not. *points and laughs at L & J*
– First crush: Richard
– Full name: i forgot my name.
– First thoughts waking up: i seriously gotta stop wetting the bed. o_O
– Food: any that looks yummy, i like them all!
– Greatest Fear: being alone in the dark, hairy caterpillars, spider, stalkers.
– Giver or taker: of what?
– Goals: to finish answering these questions.
– Gum: anything fruity? juicy fruit.
– Get along with your parents?: more than most of the time.
– Good luck charm: i don’t depend on luck.
– Guys/Girls: are both gay.
– Hair Color: dark brown
– Height: 160 cm
– Happy: i try to be.
– Holiday: singles awareness day.
– How do you want to die: in my sleep while having a beautiful dream.
– Health freak?: not really. i watch what i eat and then i eat it. haha.
– Hate: lies, arrogant and condescending people, cruelty to animals, waiting, when i don’t know what to eat, many more things because i’m a hater like that.
– Ice Cream: i hate ice cream.
– Instrument: piano
– Jewelry: i don’t really wear any.
– Job: professional slacker.
– Kids: are freakin’ adorable.
– Kickboxing or karate: kickboxing.
– Keep a journal?: not anymore. someone ends up finding it and reading it all the time. :
– Longest Car Ride: road trip to US?
– Love: music, internet, jaejoong, angry asian girls.
– Letter: N.
– Laughed so hard you cried: no, but i jizzed in my pants! … NOT.
– Love at first sight: is for superficial  and naive people.
– Milk flavor: strawberry, plain, soy.
– Movie: studio ghibli movies, interview with a vampire, se7en, count of monte cristo, koizora, whatever’s out in the theatres.
– Mooned anyone?: with my pants on, yes.
– Marriage: in the future, maybe?
– Motion sickness?: i wish i wasn’t so i could go on rides. :(
– McD’s or BK: neither. i don’t like fast food. i like it slooow baybay. ;)
– Number of Siblings: 2
– Number of Piercings: 5
– Number: 1-800-SEX ME UP
– Overused Phrases: no, f*ck, like, omg, i can’t believe it’s not butter!
– One wish: to find my one true love. to take over the world.
– One phobia: i’m sesquipedalophobic.
– Place you’d like to live: somewhere by the sea.
– Perfect Pizza: mushroom & pepperoni. that’s all we ever order anyways.
– Pepsi/Coke: neither.
– Quail: i had one as a pet but it escaped and flew away. it was stinky and made funny noises like ka-ka-kaaaccckk!
– Questionaires: i’m doing it right now.
– Reason to cry: when i see someone i care about cry.
– Reality T.V.: we got married, family outing.
– Radio Station: i don’t listen to the radio.
– Roll your tongue in a circle?  no, that’s biologically impossible for me.
– Song: drive my soul – lights.
– Salad Dressing: caesar.
– Sushi: i like ’em all.
– Slept outside: no, that’s for hobos.
– Seen a dead body? in funerals?
– Shower daily? fuck yeaah.
– Sing well?: in the shower.
– Stuffed Animals?: i like them but i think i have a little too much of them.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries.
– Scientists need to invent: a time machine!
– Time for bed: 6am. i have a sleeping disorder.
– Thunderstorms: i don’t like them.
– TV: i don’t watch tv. i have youtube.
– Touch your tongue to your nose: no and i’m not even gonna try. :P
– Unpredictable: is a song by Jamie Foxx?
– Vegetable you hate: bitter gourd.
– Vegetable you love: most of them.
– Vacation spot: anywhere but i prefer to travel to different countries.
– Weakness: i care too much, i don’t care enough,  i’m too nice, i’m too mean.
– When you grow up: i want to have boobies and become a flight stewardess.
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: i don’t know. we’re all equally retarded “special”.
– Who makes you laugh the most: my friends.
– Worst feeling: when i wake up in the middle of the night because of leg cramp. it’s freakin’ horrible!
– Wanted to be a model?: i’m not good enough.
– Where do we go when we die: the cemetery? in a urn?
– Worst weather: when it’s extremely cold or  hot.
– X-Rays: i had it once for medical purposes.
– Year it is now: 2009.
– Yellow: reminds of sunshine and bananas.
– Zoo animal: cows, alligators, elephants, giraffe, llamas.
– Zodiac sign: libra.

Seen you cry? diana when she threw an eraser at my eye. so meaaan. :’(
Went to the movies with you? angry asian girls.
You went to the mall with? angry asian girls.
You went to dinner with? angry asian girls.
You talked to on the phone? quack.


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  1. angryasiangirls Says:

    L, i think you forgot to save your answers. Or maybe there was a glitch when we both posted at the same time? -__-;;

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