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Monday: N’s EOTD/tutorial January 5, 2009

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So I’m up first for the daily challenge? o_O;; I attempted to make a eotd/tutorial. It’s my first time making one and I realized that I should have just written a review instead. I didn’t have proper lighting so I’m sorry if the colors didn’t show that well.  Also, pardon my over-creased eye. I haven’t had much sleep lately. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be making a tutorial. It’s so time consuming but I had fun making it nonetheless. I’m posting it now because I’m planning to sleep in and I’ll be busy later today. ;)

My tutorial is for an everyday neutral eyes look that you can achieve with 8 things in 8 quick and simple steps. [That was a total coincidence!] I usually wear this when I don’t have much time to get ready. Which is all the time because I’d much rather sleep in! Haha. This look usually takes about 10 minutes to do. Enjoy!

What I used:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Light peach from Chanel Bleu Celeste e/s Quad
3. Brown from Quo Double Decker Beauty Palette in Warm
4. MAC “Ricepaper” e/s
5. Navy Blue from Chanel Bleu Celeste e/s Quad
6. Anna Sui silver e/l
7. MAC Fluidline in “Blacktrack”
8. Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s upcoming challenges…



3 Responses to “Monday: N’s EOTD/tutorial”

  1. L Says:

    ooh that’s sooo awethuum N! you should post it places other than here as well! lol. but wow.. i don’t think my challenge can live up to yours! >__<;;

  2. angryasiangirls Says:

    Wow! That was grrrrrrreat! I don’t think i can do anything like that N, I can’t even think of what to get for my challenge yet -___-”


  3. N Says:

    Thanks you guys! I’m glad you like it. I’m too shy to post it elsewhere, though. Haha. And it’s not a competition so just do what you want to do and have fun! ^_____^

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