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N’s Mini MAC Hello Kitty Haul+Review March 1, 2009

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OMG. We finally updated! The blog is still alive after all.

I’ve always been a Hello Kitty fan so I was really looking forward to this collaboration. At first I was quite disappointed with the packaging. I imagined it to be more cute-sy and girly with pinks, ribbons and pastels… you know all that typical girly hello kitty stuff. I was quite surprised of how vibrant the colors are for the eyeshadows and blushes! However, I got over all that now. I actually like it a lot now. :) I don’t want to regret not buying anything from this collection like when I missed the Fafi collection. I still find the advertisement disturbing, though. -__-;; It feels as if my sweet, innocent childhood memories of Hello Kitty has been tainted! Haha.

Anyhoos, without further a-doo, here’s my mini haul:

I was really going to get the brush set but I’ve heard bad reviews on it. Since I already have the 187 already and I don’t think I really need the other brushes, I decided to just forget about it. I just wanted the holder anyway and I don’t want to pay $60 bucks for a cup! I think I’ll go find a cheaper and cuter cup instead!  Haha. So, I decided to just pick up the lip products since they look more wearable. The quads are way too vibrant for me! o_O;; The one thing that the lip products have in common is that they all have this vanilla scent and taste. I’m not a very big fan of vanilla but I guess I don’t mind it.

Big Bow Lipstick: Sheer bright intense blue pink (Glaze).
I like how it’s so pretty and sparkly! It’s also build-able if you want the color to really show and it can simply applied lightly as a sheer berry-stain look.

Cute-Ster Lipstick: Sheer peachy pink with pearl (Lustre).
I wouldn’t really say it’s a nude color but this one is really sheer. It barely shows up on my lips but I still like how it just adds a little sparkle if you want a subtle look. I’ve yet to try this in conjunction with other color or with a lip gloss.

Mimmy Lipglass: Light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl.
This kinda reminds me of the Majorca Majolica lip gloss that I wanted to try. It’s peachy-pink and it has gold sparkles in it. It’s very sheer by itself but I think it would go well with any lip color if you want add a little more shine to it.

Popster Lip Conditioner: Lively coral pink.
I’d say this is my favorite out of the things I’ve bought. I’ve never tried MAC’s lip conditioners and I must say I’m a fan of it now! It’s very versatile and awesome for moisturizing. It’s very pigmented so a little goes along way and it sure looks like it would last very long, too! So I think it’s really worth it. The only downside to it is that you have to use your finger or you have to carry around a lip brush around. But other than that, it’s still a good buy.

…And that’s it for my mini-haul!



2 Responses to “N’s Mini MAC Hello Kitty Haul+Review”

  1. angryasiangirls Says:

    YAAY UPDATE! Haha wow we ended up getting the same lipsticks and lipglasses!

    <3 A

  2. angryasiangirls Says:

    Haha. I know! It just so happens that at the MAC that I went to, those were the only ones available. XD


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