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L’s Hello Kitty Haul + Review + FOTD <3 March 2, 2009

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Greetings AngryAsianGirls! Well, it’s been awhile since i’ve updated this blog so I figured that it’s about time I post on here! Jumping aboard the M.A.C. hello kitty bandwagon I’ve decided to also do a post on my mini-haul. The funny thing is, I ended up purchasing a few of the same items as EN and JAY did. Similar tastes, much? Haha. But anyhoo.. after receiving my paycheck this week I picked up a few items from the collection. A couple of them my mommy bought for me after all the whining about this collection. She also bought alot from the collection for herself which I have no idea where she keeps so I wasn’t able to take pictures of them. Ah well. Well on to the haul!

What did I get!?!


Tinted Lip Conditioner: Pink Fish
Shade description: Soft neutral pink



This is the first time i’ve ever purchased a lip conditioner from M.A.C. and if their all anything like this one i’m definately going to be purchasing more in the future! Luckily for me, I managed to get my hands on the last one in the store! I love how moisturizing it is and the packaging is ADORABLE! (Alas, it is to be expected being Hello Kitty and all!) It’s a lovely baby pink color which applies sheer but is very buildable. Great for wearing underneath lipsticks or alone!


Lipstick: Big Bow
Shade description: Sheer bright intense blue pink (Glaze)

I’m absolutely in love with this color! At first I was intimidated by how bright it looked in the tube but when applied, it goes on very sheer and you can layer it on to achieve the intensity you desire. The bright fushia color instantly brightens up my complection without being too overwhelming.

Lipstick: Cute-Ster
Shade description: Sheer peachy pink with pearl (Lustre)

I’ve only tried this lipstick once so far and it works well for those who prefer natural or nude looking lips. It’s a very sheer neutral color and not very pigmented. It has alot of sparkle so a lipgloss on top is not really requrired but I liked how it looked when I layered my ‘Mimmy’ lipgloss on top of it. Great color to wear when wearing more dramatic eyeshadows.

Lipglass: Mimmy
Shade description: Light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl

Don’t be fooled by the color you see in the tube! Looks like a really peachy-pink color but when applied goes on very, very sheer.. almost invisible! It can be worn alone to add subtle shimmer and shine to the lips, but it looks better when applied on top of lipsticks. I always wear this on top of my ‘Big Bow” lipstick and it also looked great on top of “Cute-Ster.”

Blush: Tippy
Shade description: Mid-tone blue pink



Wow! When I first saw this online I was intimdated by how bright it looked in the case! This is a very pigmented brush but looks
great when using the right brush and application method! I like to use my 187 brush on this because it doesn’t pick up too much product and I don’t end up looking like a clown in the end! It’s a really fun and cute color to wear.. has that doll like effect. It’s similiar to my M.A.C. dollymix brush but without the shimmer.

Beauty Powder: Tahitian Sand
Shade description: Soft coral peach



I really never understood the purposes of M.A.C’s beauty powders. I’m not too fond of this product yet. I swatched and swatched but really could not get it to show up on my skin. On the Hello Kitty Looks they feature on the M.A.C. website, it’s used as a contouring powder.. which I have no idea why because to me the color is not dark enough at all for that? However, i’ve heard that it works swell as a blotting powder and can give you that air-brushed effect when applied on top of blush.

And last but not least .. a semi – hello kitty FOTD! Please excuse my unruly brows.. I haven’t gotten the change to get them re-threaded yet. -__-;;



Smashbox Photofinish Primer
M.A.C. Fix + Spray
Everyday Minerals Foundation – Fairly light intensive
Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust
M.A.C. Studio Finish concealer- NC30
M.A.C. Sculpt & Shape Duo – Bone Beige/Emphasize
M.A.C. Blush – Tippy

M.A.C. fluidline – blacktrack
Rimmel – White eyeliner
Urban Decay Potion Primer
M.A.C. e/s – Shroom
M.A.C. e/s – Carbon
NYX e/s – Platinum Pink
NYX e/s – Root Beer
Shiseido Mascara Primer
Covergirl Lashblast mascara

M.A.C. Lip Conditioner – Pink Fish
M.A.C. l/s – Big Bow
M.A.C. l/g – Mimmy

*Whew* Well that’s all for today Ladies! Time for me to get some shut-eye, hope you enjoyed! <3


4 Responses to “L’s Hello Kitty Haul + Review + FOTD <3”

  1. angryasiangirls Says:

    We’re on a roll, ladies! :) The circle lenses really do look bluish when you wear them! I can’t wait to get mines!


  2. A Says:

    haha yeah they were even brighter with the flash on! did you order yours yet?

  3. tokyostargirl Says:

    I was never into HK, but after living in Tokyo – I just had to!

  4. Asian Alfred Says:

    Let me ask a quick question.My goal is to find an Asian woman in particular. I guess I’ve always had an interest in beautiful Asian women. Can anyone tell me the differences between Chinese girls and Japanese women? They are the hottest in my opinion. but do conventional pickup techniques work, when she doesn’t speak the same language as you?

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