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L January 7, 2009

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: The washing machine >_<;

OMG.. we are missing a daily challenge here! haah just keeding. well i thought that i should update this before i go to bed. i just realized that it is my turn tommorow to post a challenge. hopefully i don’t forget! ^_^; well i should sleep soon but i doubt that i will be able to since i took a nap just recently. ahh.. sleeping pattern is so messed! yesterday i woke up right when i was supposed to be STARTING work! now i’m paranoid that i’m going to do that today! must alarm clock! ahh.. well i’m babbling right now due to my drowsiness so i guess i’ll stop here. SAYANORA BITCHES!


One Response to “L”

  1. angryasiangirls Says:

    wow, the washing machine? what do they sound like? i should go check them out. haha.


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