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Daily Challenge January 3, 2009

Here are some challenge ideas that we can write/post about:

Basically a day of sharing your knowledge about something. Whether you want to do a hairstyle/make-up tutorial, write reviews (movies, games, make-up, books, etc.) FOTDs or workout plans. Whatever comes to mind.

TOONIE TUESDAY: On a Tuesday, buy something for exactly $2 and write something about it. Answer the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) in your post.

WHAT DID YOU WEAR: Post a photo of what you wore on this day or share something that has to do with fashion. You may also post a photo of an outfit you’ve seen that you really liked… or hated. Explain why.

RANT DAY: Rant all about things that frustrated you all week and post it. You can whine, complain, bitch and talk smack about anything or anyone… because you NEVER have to keep it to yourself.

FUNNY DAY:Post something you found funny the whole week! Funny story, a joke, a funny video, etc. As long as you found it funny.

COOK DAY: Write a post on what you cooked today. You may include the recipe and of course, don’t forget the pictures!

Peace out, Loves!


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